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West Lynn Primary School

Selkie 'Sealed' Approval

On Thursday 23rd March Years 1 and 2 had a special visit from Gillian McClure, author and illustrator.  Gillian delighted the children with the promotion of her book 'Selkie' 
The children took part in a workshop which helped them create their own version of the story and were able to act their stories out using hand puppets.  'Selkie' is a seal who can turn into a girl — but he cannot believe it when he rescues a real, live 'Selkie' from a net in the sea. The two become firm friends and Selkie teaches him the secret language of the sea. But someone else has spotted the 'Selkie' and Peter and his new friend" Gillian McClure’s career as an author/illustrator started when a School’s Inspector spotted a book she had made for her class of infants and sent it off to Andre Deutsch who published it. Since then she has had many books published and has accumulated a great many illustrations; some she shows in schools along with her sketches and roughs and some she has framed up for exhibitions.
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Some quotes from the children:
"I loved it because it was a good story".
"My favourite part was when we aged out the story and when we did sketches".
"I loved it when we did the sketches and when we listened to the story".
"I liked Gillian McClure when she read Selkie.  She was an author".
"I enjoyed the visit because I enjoyed the story of Selkie".
"I liked it when we acted out the story".
"I liked it when we did the sketch from the book".
I" liked watching the puppet show of Selkie".
"I enjoyed all of the book".
"I liked doing sketches with Gillian McClure".
"I liked the story Selkie".
"I enjoyed the story of Selkie because the story was fun to read and a good story".