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Safer Sleep Resources

NHS Norfolk Children and Young People’s Health Services

As you may be aware, this week is Safe Sleep Week and the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership have 2 campaigns to share around protecting babies. 

Safer Sleep for Babies

Sleep is a very important part of a baby’s growth and development. All babies have a different sleep pattern and establishing a sleep routine to help them settle and self soothe can be difficult, especially if you are a tired parent.

‘Safer Sleep a locally created initiative, offers simple, up to date advice to help families keep their little ones safe at bedtime and naptime.

There are plenty of things parents can do to help keep a baby safe whilst sleeping; these easy to remember guidelines are a great place to start:

·         Put babies on their back to sleep.

·         Make sure babies have their own clear, flat space to sleep in.

·         If you’re considering co-sleeping, speak to a health professional for advice.

·         Keep babies in a smoke free environment.

More information including sleep position, sleep space and co-sleeping is available on: Help is also available by calling 0300 300 0123 or texting: 07520 631590.


All Babies Cry – More resources for families

‘All Babies Cry’, the local campaign dedicated  to supporting Norfolk families with their crying babies, has  launched some updated resources to help families plan ahead and connect with other new parents.

On there is now an updated safety plan, which is a really useful tool that families can create at home. It helps parents think about what they will do if their baby keeps crying and they are starting to feel upset or angry. Making a safety plan during pregnancy or once a baby has arrived can help families from feeling overwhelmed.

Also available is the parents ‘Community Forum’ . This online social space gives families the opportunity to share their experiences; ask for advice and make connections with other people in similar situations. There are chat feeds on many different topics with a specific thread focussing on crying babies.

These resources have been created with the help of families and promote the same core message: All babies cry. Sometimes you can try everything and they will still cry. You can put your baby down in a safe place; it’s ok to take a minute. Never shake your baby and speak to someone if you need help. You can call 0300 300 0123, text 07520 631 590 or visit

Please below for further details:

Safer Sleep

All Babies Cry